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Special Features



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Fly with best airplanes
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Onur Air
  • Pegasus
  • Sunexpress
  • Anadolu Jet
  • Atlas Global
Stay in the most popular hotels
  • The Marmara Hotel
  • Ramada Hotel
  • Raffles Hotel
  • Azimut Hotel
Get treatment in hospitals that care about your health
  • Asya
  • Medipol
  • Medical Park
  • Zulekka

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with best hospitals

Planning a healthy future with Reviveair is easier than ever before. We can offer you many different and advantaged options for the disease you are complaining about. You can get your treatment like the comfort of your home, evaluate the options, organize your health trip comfortably and choose the most suitable and flexible method for you. You can reach all of these in a short time only with Reviveair's powerful healthcare institutions network, user-friendly interface and software infrastructure. Let Reviveair open the doors of a healthy future for you while enjoying your happy moments with your family and friends.




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