Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reviveair?

Reviveair is a health tourism company that prioritizes your time and savings where you can find and compare international hospitals / clinics and plan your medical trip.

How do you choose your business partners?

We prefer hospitals and clinics which are experienced in serving to international patients by offering them high quality and reliable health services.

What is included in the price offered by the clinic / hospital?
Which personal information are given to clinics and hospitals?

We care about your privacy, therefore we do not share your full name and details written the confidentiality agreement.

How many hospitals and clinics can I contact?

You can talk to all of our solution partners.

Who is managing the procedures of my medical travel?

We work with experienced and expert teams in their fields for the services such as flight, accommodation, airport pick-up, transportation and translation.

How can I plan my treatment?

As soon ad you decide for a specific hospital, we will plan your treatment for you.

Can I cancel my planned medical trip?

You can cancel your trip at any time.

Who do arrange my post-treatment?

Our expert health consultants provide your post-treatment with your hospital or clinic where you are treated, our

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