Tips for Cosmetic Surgery Tourists

The Patient Safety Diamond, created by International Society of Plastic Aesthetic Surgery President Dr. Foad Nahai in 2010, identifies four characteristics essential for safe aesthetic cosmetic surgery:

Date: 2022/11/30

How to Plan Your Medical Holiday

Thing back to how much planning went into your family trip last summer: the flights you had to book, the hotel bookings you had to make, and the activities you had to schedule. Do you recall the time you were ill and the amount of research you conducted to determine your ailment, the best therapy for you, and all the necessary follow-up care?

Date: 2022/11/30

Things to Consider When Choosing a Medical Tourism Destination

The last thing on most people's minds when they require medical care is travel, but a burgeoning idea of medical tourism and its appealing incentives has many thinking otherwise. Many countries throughout the world have followed suit, becoming rising medical tourism destinations. However, as a medical tourist, you must be clear about your demands and the extent to which the location can meet them.

Date: 2022/11/30

Guide to Obesity Treatments

Since 1976, global obesity has been increasing. Obesity serves as a breeding environment for a variety of different diseases. According to WHO, more than 1.9 billion persons over the age of 18 were overweight in 2016, with 650 million being obese. Obesity is defined as an excess of fat deposition in the body; it is diagnosed when a person's BMI exceeds 30. Each year, around 3.4 million adults die as a result of a secondary ailment related to obesity.

Date: 2022/11/30

Medical Tourism in Turkey

With its reasonable offers and excellent quality healthcare, Turkey, which connects Asia and Europe, is positioned to be one of the top destinations for medical tourism.

Date: 2022/11/30

Precautions to Take When Travelling

The ancient saying

Date: 2022/11/29

Medical Tourism For The Elderly

Increasing healthcare expenses make it particularly challenging for the senior to get medical treatments and services. They are in a time of life when their health generally deteriorates, and they lack the financial ability to pay for treatments or surgery. Their insurances are also reduced, and the remaining funds are mostly used to maintain their usual lifestyle. In these circumstances, it is critical for the elderly to seek out economical healthcare options. This is only feasible if they travel overseas for medical treatment. Outside of their own nation, people may have several possibilities for receiving good care in outstanding facilities with little financial means.

Date: 2022/11/29


Mallorca is an island known with its white sandy beaches, charming villages, and its UNESCO Heritage Site Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range. The island is a popular worldwide vacation destination and has earned the name

Date: 2022/10/14

Barcelona's Sagrada Familia and Gaudí Sites

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, prides itself on being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Many individuals from all over the world enjoy the city's cosmopolitan and multinational ambiance. The city is notably famous for its architecture and art—visitors come from all over the world to view Gaud's famed Sagrada Famlia church and other modernist masterpieces.

Date: 2022/10/14

Heidelberg & Baden-Baden

See the ruins of a famous Renaissance castle, explore the Black Forest's lovely woods, and get a close look at the region's prominent landmarks.

Date: 2022/10/14

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