In the globalizing world, the cooperation between countries, increased freedom and possibilities of travel, facilitation of transportation, improvement of the quality of health care in different parts of the world has increased the importance of the concept of health tourism in the world. Before you find the right treatment for yourself, it is necessary to know what health tourism is and what is offered to you. Reviveair promises you satisfaction in your health journey.
Due to the increasing competition in health tourism among countries, consumer awareness and freedom of choice have made a tremendous effect in considering the customers' demands than ever. Turkey has been one of the top countries preferred for aesthetic procedures like hair transplantation. However cancer treatments, cardiovascular and brain surgeries, and other serious treatments are among the most preferred ones. Many patients reach out to their final decisions depending on the doctors, treatments, technological equipment, and finally, the expenses. One's financial status and means of accessibility to the medical facility have also been one of the top priorities of the patients along with the hygiene. You are assured that a general list of options created based on your preferences is compiled for you along with all the services you might need during your treatment. Professionals and expert team of Reviveair will always be at your disposal to guide you under the light of experience.
31.12.2020 Covid-19
The New Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) first appeared in late December in Wuhan Province, China. First, it emerged as a result of research conducted in a group of patients suffering from fever, cough, and dyspnea (shortness of breath).
Are you planning to have medical care at high quality standards? Then, you need to have a visit to a professionally known and certified clinic that ensures you with every aspect of diagnosis and operations. Turkey, with its continuously improving medical tourism standards, offers the best solution for patients. ¨Low-budget / high quality¨ motto in medical services represents the distinction of publicly certified Turkish hospitals and their world-class medical teams. In this content, you will find the tips to arrange a personalized healthcare travel plan and how you can select the right option.
Turkey's strategic location and service quality, along with its mild climate conditions and accessibility, make Turkey an unmatched alternative for health tourism. From eye disorders and diseases to otorhinolaryngology and aesthetic treatments such as hair transplantation, almost any treatment can be carried out carefully and safely by experts in their fields in Turkey. With its 42 international medical centers accredited by JCI, Turkey has fully equipped medical facilities providing top-notch service for everyone.
31.12.2020 Tube Baby
In vitro fertilization treatment has been successfully applied for many years in couples who cannot have children with natural methods
31.12.2020 Stomach Reduction
Gastric sleeve surgery (stomach reduction surgery), which is used by those who cannot lose weight despite diet and exercise, is a method that allows the patient to feel satiety with less food.
31.12.2020 Implant
Dental Implant is the tooth-root made of artificial titanium, and it is placed in the jawbone instead of the teeth which has been lost due to several reasons. Dental Implant provides better speaking and chewing functionalities in respect to raditional dental veneers and prosthesis, along with bringing a natural appearance in your face. Dental Implant is a comfortable and safe application. The operation can be done with local anaesthesia without feeling any pain or discomfort.
31.12.2020 Hair Transplant
FUE hair transplant, which stands for Follicular Unite Extraction, has been recently the most common used method in hair transplantation.