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In today's globalizing world, with the advancement of technology, the increase in opportunities and the development of the communication speed, health tourism has also come to an important position in the new world order. Health tourism is a type of tourism where people both get treatment and have vacation at the same time. 

Reviveair, which carries out extensive work in the field of health tourism, is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Reviveair offers all kinds of health services comfortably in many countries and regions around the world. Reviveair offices are located in many parts of the world; especially those in Germany, Türkiye, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Israel and England stand out as the most important ones of these points. Reviveair offers its customers the highest level of service opportunities with its advanced network and professional working discipline. The company, which offers 360 degree tourism opportunities to its customers with its franchises and agencies located in the world's largest cities such as Berlin, Istanbul, Dubai and London, can also easily send patients to all across the world.

Why Reviveair

Health tourism is a sector that has emerged since the earliest times when people tried to reach treatments to cure their diseases in other lands in case they could not find a cure for their conditions in the environment they lived in. Especially with the developing technology in the last century, people started not only to be treated, but also to rest during this treatment process and to take their vacations that they could not spare time for in daily life. This sector, which is called health tourism, is carried out in a much more professional and advanced manner by companies that are experts in their fields.

Health tourism is a sector that is growing day by day in the world and its economic value is increasing in parallel. Especially in Türkiye the field of health tourism has a very large scale. In 2019, 662,087 patients came to Turkey within the scope of health tourism and received health services. As a result of this influx of patients in 2019, the income obtained from the health tourism is 1.65 billion US Dollars. Despite the pandemic, 388,150 patients came in 2020 and 516 million 223 thousand US dollars were brought to Türkiye as a result. In 2021, 1.45 billion US dollars came to Türkiye with 642,444 people. In only the first quarter of 2022, 332,212,000 US dollars were brought to Türkiye with 284,577 people. Statistics are like this in many countries other than Türkiye, and the interest and investment in health tourism has increased gradually, especially in the post-pandemic period. Today, health tourism activities, which are very popular in many countries and include the principle of multi-option service, have become a steadily growing sector. One of the pioneers of this sector, Reviveair, is a health tourism company that stands out with its customers providing a much easier, reliable and comfortable service. The company offers a comprehensive service in many areas such as hotels, tickets, hospitals, doctors, translators, according to the budgets of its customers. In addition, it provides its customers with the opportunity to easily reach the doctors they have found or heard of within their own means beforehand. One of the biggest privileges that Reviveair provides to its customers is the transportation to all over the world at much more affordable prices. With its strong organization, Reviveair offers its customers the opportunity to receive health services even from a country on the other side of the world.

Cost Difference

The negative factors brought by the pandemic, which has taken the world under its influence, have caused many sectors, especially healthcare, transportation, technology, service and tourism, to suffer and shrink. However, countries such as Germany, Turkey, England, Israel and the United Arab Emirates have taken a very solid stance and survived in terms of healthcare and tourism. While health costs have reached a point where most people have difficulty meeting even in developed countries, health tourism in the aforementioned countries is both an affordable and efficient option. As a matter of fact, studies conducted in recent years show that over 650 million people globally receive services within the scope of health tourism, and the mobility in the relevant sector exceeds 140 billion dollars.

Although health and tourism costs are quite low in the developing countries, it provides customers with a lot of savings due to the exchange rate difference and the expense of general life. At this point, Reviveair offers its customers the necessary and safe destination with great care.

Services Provided by Medical Tourism

Medical journey; The combination of medical tourism, health tourism or global tourism is called medical tourism. It is also defined as a person traveling from one country to another for the purpose of getting medical help. Thanks to the development of technology and the alternative media, people have the opportunity to reach any place, any treatment, any doctor and any health institution they want. Since time management has become one of the biggest problems of the people today, the fact that both the holiday and the treatment can be carried out at the same time makes medical tourism appealing.

Challenges of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism aims to make people receive treatment and to improve the quality of the time they spend as tourists. Of course, the difficulties that arise in this process cause many problems for people. Because it requires a very complex organization to be able to reach the countries or regions they want to go in search of healthcare.

Of course, in order to avoid problems in transportation, the risks it brings along with this complexity should of course be taken into consideration. It is necessary for the health institutions and the company acting together to minimize the problems that may be encountered by the patient in this process.

Even the slightest problem should be taken into account for the patient in an unfamiliar country. From this point of view, the probability of customers knowing the language, laws and cultural life of the countries and regions they visit is very low. Medical tourism not only helps to eliminate the problems that may be experienced before and after the treatment, but also provides the best service to its customers with knowledge of the language, culture and laws of the country of destination,. Reviveair Medical Tourism provides its customers with the highest quality service at international standards.

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